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Weiss, you dumbass!

My name is Samantha but you may call me Novariko, Nova, or Katsuraptor.
You will mostly find megaten and jjba stuff here
I also draw stuff. Don't fucking delete the comments on them ok I'm serious
if there is anything that I post that you want me to tag as something specific, please don't hesitate to ask!
Also please don't expect me to follow back

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This sounds like a soap opera

someone in the shadow hearts tag was doing an ask meme or something like “what yuri’s tumblr blog would be”

and all I could think of were his silly doodles that he did

so it’d be like dumb drawings of people he met and idk one of his fusions punching fox face and then suddenly it’s like 300 doodles of alice

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qdsat is really good so far (・・)

Let’s see I read that one.
The one about the 13 grimoires (I didn’t even think it was a gestalt/person in there lmao).
The one about fyra and the prince(really cute)
The one about Jakob and Gideon which holy shit Jakob was crazy????? Like the day before you meet him?? Really fucked up
The one about halua :’)))))))
The one about Kaine :’((((((((((((((((
And the one about Emil very cute thank god

I have 3 stories left? Hhyghrhrh

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I’ve been reading grimoire nier and the interview where yoko was like “how else would (bro)Nier make money besides prostitution!” And I was like “haha woowo I’m glad that didn’t make it in god damn”

And then I read Red and Black and I hate this game

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getting the last 6 or so Black Pearls I needed was very frustrating for me and Nier

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today’s drawings from twitter 

Took a pic before I realised there is a camera button right there!
Anyways first perfect thing! I’ve been playing only basic so far :’)

burmecias replied to your post: i played curtain call for around an ho…

oh! I don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s 2 free DLC songs up for grabs!


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i played curtain call for around an hour and real fun real happy mt.gulg and mambo de chocobo are unlocked from the start

and edgar & sabin’s theme \o/

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I’ve spent about a year or two trying to conceptualize this, now here he is.
My fan-design for King Pyro.