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Weiss, you dumbass!

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I’ve never drawn Alistair…………………

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I always thought I drew quickly but y’all are crazy

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Actually you know what fuck that trailer that’s the exact same thing that’s shown in p3 and p4 all that is new is this persona protag chimaera kid that trailer was notHING
no wonder I’m not excited and being a baby

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I hope these replies are readable because I have a black filter on my phone so I’m not bliiinded by the liiight

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Gosh I haven’t been involved in that stuff in a million years but I see what you mean
I still stick to the trusted circle of friends™ when talking about megaten stuff mostly, I don’t think I have CRRAAZZYY opinions but still :’)

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He is my type hyeh hyeh
But him junpei and kanji are the only ones I care about now ha all dorks

What can I say seemingly cool but actually giant awkward cutie dorks are my thing

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"I’m not really interested in persona anymore" she says with the akihiko sanada icon She drew herself recently

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Lately when i talk about persona on here, which is a rare occasion lately too, I sound like a huge downer/like a “whatever” sort of tone and if that doesn’t show how much I’ve lost interest then idek

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I feel like they shouldn’t have given him glasses but it seems preeetty obvious they wanted him to be an abomination of past protags so

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I don’t have a ps3/4 so I kinda don’t really care anymore and I feel bad but that trailer was basically nothing so maybe that’s why too

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Part of his punishment is he doesn’t get to be part of the chimaera that is p5-kun

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P5 kid looks like naoya and minato’s love child who found yu’s glasses collection

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